Our Legacy

Central Illinois Mutual has a long tradition of policyholder service. As with most farm mutuals, the company was started by a small group of farmers seeking protection against fire and wind losses to their barns, equipment, and homes when no other company would insure them. This group of farmers wrote their own charter, presented it to the Illinois Department of Insurance, and started their own company.

The company started business in 1892 as Pesotum Mutual Fire Insurance Company, named for Pesotum Township, location of the Wendel Reinhart home where the company traces its beginnings. Nine board members are listed in the original charter: B. Gardiner, W. J. Jutkins, Wendel Reinhart, Robert Penman, E. C. Creamer, J. N. Norton, Peter Jones, George Hartman, and T. F. Jorden.

From its humble roots in southern Champaign County, the company has continued to grow and expand. Over the years, more policyholders have joined the company. We have also grown as other mutuals were merged in. The name of the company was changed to Central Illinois Mutual to better reflect our operating territory.

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