To report a claim, please contact your agent as soon as possible. Your agent will complete the proper report and send it to the company. Be sure to provide a phone number where we can contact you. You will be contacted by an adjuster as soon as possible.

Your policy requires you to give the company or agent “prompt notice” of any loss. Other duties after a loss are explained in your policy, including but not limited to, notifying the police in case of theft, vandalism, or malicious mischief; show us the damaged property; provide an inventory of the damaged property; protect the property from further damage; cooperate with us; and submit a signed, sworn proof of loss statement. For liability claims, you should not make any admissions of fault or guilt, but you should cooperate with law enforcement as necessary.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING ROCK INGESTION CLAIMS: In the event of a loss caused by ingestion of a rock or other foreign object into machinery, the claim must be reported to us immediately and before repairs are begun.  Failure to do so may result in denial of the claim.

DEATH/INJURY OF LIVESTOCK OR POULTRY: Must be reported to the company within 48 hours after death or injury.  A postmortem examination by a licensed veterinarian is required.  The death or injury must be caused by a Peril Insured Against.

Additional Information

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