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Cold weather brings the risk of frozen pipes. Here are a few tips for avoiding water damage caused by frozen pipes in your home:

1. Leave faucets on a trickle during very cold spells.
2. Leave cabinet doors open to circulate warm air to pipes.
3. Cover pipes with foam insulation or insulate areas where pipes run.
4. Seal cracks to prevent cold air from entering pipe runs.
5. Keep your thermostat at 55 degrees or warmer.
6. Install a freeze alarm device to alert you to cold temperature conditions.

Thawing Tips

NEVER use a torch, heat gun, or open flame device to thaw frozen pipes. You risk burst pipes, starting a fire, and putting lives at risk.

NEVER use anything hotter than a portable hair dryer or heat lamp to thaw pipes. Move the hair dryer or heat lamp evenly over the frozen area.

Open faucets served by the frozen pipe. Start near the faucet and work back toward the suspected frozen area. This allows water pressure to assist your efforts as the ice breaks up.

For more information, see Cold Weather Loss Prevention and Dealing with Frozen Pipes under Safety & Loss Prevention Tips under the Safety tab above.


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